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How to Commission an Artist
I've been commissioning artists for a little over two years now, starting with site money on GaiaOnline and moving to dA from there.  One thing that's hard for me to ignore is the number of artists who are concerned about being scammed, either because they've gone through that experience before or because the stories and warnings of it happening all the time proliferate.  Commissioners have their own concerns about being scammed by artists.  The simple fact of the matter is that it happens.
However, I think a good portion of the problem is that many people who want to commission an artist have no experience doing so, and it's not as easy to find instructions on it as, say, how to draw anime eyes.  That's why I'm making this guide.
It should be noted that while I mention commissioning through other websites now and then, this is meant as to general guide, and all of the examples are from  Also, this does not
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So! I'm coding a dating sim /o/ (listens to the cheers and groans of delight)

It's a school romance dating sim called XOXO Academy, and it's progressing really well.

There's 12 options for the romance (woo!) and I've been working on the game since August 2013. More on the game can be found on the XOXO Academy Game Site -- that's a link, btw-- and so I hope that when it comes out, you guys support and play my game! :'D

Now, I was surfing the Ren'Py forums, and someone was talking about a code they made for a dress-up game that could be added to Ren'Py's coding o3o

I thought that it sounded majorly cool so I thought about adding a miniature dress up game myself to the game-- however, I would definitely need some art help, since I don't think my style is suited to the game's style. The clothes options are pretty limited: it's all school uniforms, skin color and hairstyle, so hopefully it won't be too difficult for the artist to render!

I'm looking for someone to help me put together the dress up game. I'm willing to pay a commission fee as well (of course, because what kind of jerk would I be to ask for so much work for free?) and I wrote up something of a contract so that it can protect us on both ends /o/
I, ___________, hereby request to join the XOXO Academy project with no mal intent. I agree not to share any information I learn about the game including character designs, plot secrets, and other information that would compromise the integrity of the game. I will be credited for my work and understand that any art submitted to the game will still be under my ownership, however, by providing them to tumblr user pyopyon, I am allowing her to use them freely in the XOXO Academy Game Platform. I recognize that I do not own said game, but am willingly providing my services. Lastly, I confirm in this agreement that I will not claim or redistribute any components of XOXO Academy as my own (barring they are of my own production).
I think that's straight forward enough, right? (I'm pyopyon, by the way.)  If you are interested, please, please please get to me as soon as possible?

Thank you!


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hubbubaloo (n.) - portmanteau of hubbub and hullabaloo.

Jessinia (possibly also a noun) - reluctantly called Jess, eagerly called Owl, a portmanteau of the number slash age 19, and a Empress of Mad Ideas. A human being who occasionally likes to pretend she is a Cyber(wo?)men so she can run about shouting DELETE DELETE DELETE. Loves (unsurprisingly) Doctor Who [ married to the fine piece of man called Nine], Sherlock, Neopets, Tokyo Mew Mew, Kim Possible, Megamind, EXO [K+M <3], BigBang, SHINee, Dengeki Daisy, Kirby, LoZ, Orange, Oranges and basically everything dairy and/or potato related. A not-so casual lover of belapan and taang-- and a few other things. Part-time moorchild, full-time nerd.

Speaks French, Senselessness, Gibberish and just a bit of Hubbubaloobian.


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